Our Products

Living Energy Lights is proud to offer DC Microgrid products to households and communities seeking durable, affordable, and ecological alternatives to fossil fuels and grid power.

Our community has lived off-grid, powered by solar energy harvested onsite, for ten years. Before we built our homestead, we were all too familiar with the pitfalls of typical AC off-grid systems: dead batteries, inverter shutdowns, trying to start a generator on a cold winter night. We knew grid-tie solar was an environmental disaster. So we designed out energy systems differently. After a decade, our nickle-iron batteries are still as strong as ever, we’ve never paid a utility bill, and the lights have never gone out. We don’t own a generator, because we don’t need one.

To learn more about the advantages of our products and our innovative approach to energy, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Introduction to DC Microgrids.

We know the strength and resilience of DC Microgrid systems, because we depend on them every day of the year. We believe these tools and strategies make a comfortable transition to renewable energy possible, and are excited to share them with the world.

Join the energy revolution!