Who We Are

Living Energy Lights is a project of Living Energy Farm in Louisa, VA.  Living Energy Farm is an off-grid intentional community of nine adults and three children living on 127 acres of woods, fields and orchards. We grow most of our own food, along with organic seed for income, and offer durable solar products that empower the transition away from fossil fuels and grid power.

Our mission is to develop and promote technologies that make renewable energy truly sustainable and accessible to everyone. Over the past ten years, we have designed a DC Microgrid that allows us to live comfortably, year round. Our home is warm in winter and cool in summer, we can take a hot shower any time, run a refrigerator and washing machine, charge our devices and use the internet, grind grain and cook a meal, pump water and run machinery — all from renewable energy harvested on site, with negligible maintenance costs.

Living Energy Farm is committed to sharing the innovative energy systems we have developed. In addition to offering products through Living Energy Lights, we host tours and educational events, make informational videos, and offer agricultural and technology internships. We strongly believe in the relevance and potential of DC Microgrids globally, and are dedicated to spreading this model to people around the world who live without grid power involuntarily. Click here to learn about our climate justice campaign, which is bringing DC Microgrids to people who need them in the US and abroad.

We would love to hear from you! Contact us directly or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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