Get off the grid with Direct Drive DC Solar!

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Direct drive systems provide energy services for a fraction of the cost of conventional solar and storage.

Solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity. Powering appliances which use alternating current (AC) requires a large battery set, inverters, and other expensive electronics. All this hardware can easily cost $40,000-$80,000. And most types of batteries need to be replaced every 5-10 years. Battery replacement costs for an AC solar kit can run as high as $1,000- $2,000 every year.

In a Direct Drive DC Microgrid, all heavy loads use DC electricity directly. Power for heavy duty appliances like refrigerators and water pumps never goes through a battery. Instead, non-electric energy storage (like thermal mass or pressurized water) provides services at night.

Direct drive appliances are not as widely available as AC appliances, but the options increase every day as this method grows in popularity. Direct drive appliances currently on the market include our water pumps, refrigerators and cookers, as well as pumps, ventilation fans, and air conditioners available through other suppliers. Additionally, many AC appliances- including kitchen appliances, tools, vacuum cleaners, ebike chargers, and more- may be modified to be compatible with direct drive. (Contact our consultation services to learn more about converting appliances you already have.) 

With heavy loads running direct drive, a much smaller battery set is needed for appliances which require battery power. For lights, fans, phones, televisions, laptop computers, and other electronics we recommend one of our 12V DC battery kits. We use only high quality, durable batteries that perform well even through cloudy spells. The lithium batteries we use will last 7-10 years; while our nickel iron battery kits can last 40 years or more if maintained properly.

Our 12V Battery Kits provide power for appliances like lights, fans, phones and laptop computers.

At Living Energy Lights, we’ve been living off the grid with a DC Microgrid since 2012. We’ve never had to replace our batteries, or use a generator. You can get off the grid too, and Living Energy Lights can help. 

  • Still not sure if direct drive is right for you? Contact us by email if you have any questions about how a DC Microgrid could work for your home or community.
  • Learn more about our demonstration center, Living Energy Farm.
  • Check out our YouTube Channel for instructional videos about our products, and virtual tours of the DC Microgrid at LEF.