Direct Drive Appliances Available through Other Suppliers

In addition to the refrigerators and cookers available through Living Energy Lights, there are many solar direct drive appliances already available on the market. Contact us if you know of any more!

Water Pumps

Pumping water in the developing world is currently the most widespread application for direct drive. Many options are available for a wide range of applications and budgets.

A low cost, decent quality option is Feili Pump Co. Feili is a Chinese company that distributes in the US. We have used their pumps in several applications and we have been pleased with the performance of their pumps even in low light conditions. We cannot speak to the durability of these pumps, but we assume that they are less durable than the more expensive pumps.

These companies all produce excellent direct drive pumps. They are more expensive, but they have been on the market for longer have proven quality and durability:

Ventilation Fans

Snap Fan makes good quality direct drive fans for various applications. They are not cheap.

Air Conditioners

Hot Spot Energy is a company in Virginia that offers direct drive air conditioners.