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Living Energy Lights is an extension of Living Energy Farm, which is an educational, off-grid, USDA organic farm that uses the DC Microgrid technology, combined with DC powered “Daylight drive”.

Author and activist, Alexis Zeigler, one of the founders of Living Energy Farm, has been passionate about climate justice, and making sure that there is an equal distribution of power throughout neighborhoods/communities that are low income. He and his wife started the project Living Energy Farm to test and also help promote some of these off grid systems. Through various funding from private donors, he has accomplished much to bring some of the DC microgrid technology to people who otherwise don’t have access to electricity. We, as a community, passionately believe that a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, and that you can still live in comfort!

Back in ___(plug in date)___, Alexis received some donations to take the first trip out to Arizona. He installed 7 different kits on the Dine reservation by himself. Here’s a link to the newsletter (help me find it) with pictures.

Our most recent trip was in February/March of 2020. Below you will find more details about our trip! Now that we are on both Facebook and Instagram, we’re sharing those here in story mode with more details about this project. We already sent out a newsletter with some highlights from the trip as soon as we got back.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what other projects Living Energy Farm is up to, feel free to visit the newsletter archives.

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We have completed 50 installations of these solar kits!!! Our trip is DONE and all we have left to do is sight see! While Debbie travels back to LEF via train, the other three installers will be sight seeing and taking up these wonderful people on these offers to explore the Hopi and Navajo lands! In return for our gift of solar power, we are getting private guides to some of the most awesome and sacred places to some of these First Nations people. What an honor! Sad to say that we won’t be posting about it until we get back on the grid by Monday. This crew is off exploring places with no cell service OR internet access! We are posting this from a big city as we went into town to get our laundry done. Lots of love to you all! We will post the backlog of pictures and updates from our trip soon! . #LEFAZproject #LEFpinupgirls #Dinéreservation #Navajo #Diné #livingenergylights #DCmicrogrid #solarpanelinstallation #offthegrid

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